Getting Ready Before Getting Down: Prepping for a Swinging Night Out

A big part of playing in the LifeStyle is getting yourself ready. This starts at least “the day of” and maybe even a few days before then. Remember that you may only have a few hours after work to do the usual manscaping/primping (not to mention anything extra), so you won’t want to have to cram a lot of actions into a short period of time.

Some swingers like to have a sexy tanned body to flash, so whether you prefer sunbathing, a tanning bed, or a spray-on finish, you’ll probably need to attend to it at least a day or two out.

If you want to remove unwanted hair but tend toward painful or unsightly reactions, give your sensitive skin enough time to recover comfortably after waxing (but not so much that it starts to grow back!). A shave – wherever it may be – should be as fresh AF.

Another thing to consider is certain food choices. Strong flavors like onions, garlic, and some kinds of spices can linger not only on your breath, but can even lend your skin a powerful aroma for a day or more. Science indicates that women have a sense of smell up to twice that of a man, so keep that in mind as you consider your choice of personal scent and who you want to attract. Clean skin and fresh breath go a long way!

So now, what to wear? Some parties or club events will specify a theme, which helps in setting up your look. Otherwise, think about what you find sexy on others and what bae finds hot on you, and use that as a starting point.

For guys, this may range from a well-fitting pair of jeans and flattering shirt to a fashionable (non-business-ish) suit. Ladies’ clubwear is always a hit, whether at a cub or at a party. It is common for many women to change into an even skimpier/sexier outfit an hour or two after arrival. Whatever you decide on, your clothes should be clean and flatter your figure/physique.

The last thing to put on is a friendly smile, and then it’s time to slay! Happy swinging!