Open Up Podcast Episode 1: Swinging in the Time of Corona

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Hello and welcome to open up with liaison liaison is an exclusive and boutique lifestyle group in the Columbus Ohio area. And we don’t discriminate based on race or sexuality. But we do discriminate based on attractiveness. You can visit our website at www dot liaisons offense stuck calm. And during our podcast and this is our first episode we’re going to talk about swinging and other aspects of the lifestyle like BDSM. We’ll talk about some fun topics and some controversial topics to hopefully. And so I’m one of your co hosts. My name is Jennifer lust, and I’m a straight female who’s part of a couple. I own the liaisons group. And I’ve been in the lifestyle for over a decade. I’m in my mid late 30s. And I’ve been in it since my early 20s. And I’ve lived in a few different states and been to clubs and in lifestyle there. I’ve also been to clubs overseas, and I’m in the lifestyle because I really like variety. And also my kink is kind of basically teasing, teasing a lot of guys and sometimes pleasing a select few. And I love the freedom and sexually charged atmosphere of the lifestyle. And my co host here is Monique.

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Hi, I’m Monique. I’m very new to the lifestyle. I’ve been here for almost two years now. And I’m a single female or a unicorn. And I’ve experimented with a lot of things. And it’s been a ton of fun. I think a couple of my things that I enjoy a lot are the out of Towner single male coming through town and wanting to let loose and have fun. I definitely love to please people. So to hear ahead of time, something that would be a big turn on is something I really enjoy fulfilling. Let’s see, I don’t know. I think that’s that’s it for my introduction. Great.

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Well, today’s episode, and like I said, our first episode here is we’re going to be talking about swinging in the time of Corona, and what that has been like and some bad things about it, good things about it, problems and differences and everything like that. So I know that for the liaisons group. Anyway, you know, we were supposed to have two on premises parties earlier this year in March and April. And obviously, both of those unfortunately, were canceled. And not just the liaisons events. But I know that I personally was supposed to go to a friction party in the spring that was canceled, and other private house party that was canceled. And then of course club Princeton shut down to even right before St. Patrick’s Day, which is a huge holiday for them. So it has been super crazy this year with the amount of events and the type of events in new lifestyle getting canceled. Yeah, I know. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of events canceled on YouTube, Monique? Absolutely.

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We definitely I’ve tried to make the most of it. I think everybody has experienced zoom in one form or another. And there were about three weeks in a row where a group of us from the lifestyle had Friday night, get togethers on zoom. And it was fun. It was it was hot. And definitely people were we talked a lot and experienced some things on there but it’s just not the same.

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Yeah, and I know I was on one or two of those calls. not as fun as being a person though cuz it’s different. Like when you’re chit chatting and kind of small talking on line and when you’re doing it in person, it’s it’s definitely a lot more fun in person.

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We know it’s actually going to lead to something. versus when you’re in your apartment by yourself and you’re on zoom with a bunch of people, you’re still going to be by yourself

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at the best you’re gonna get is Cox? Yes, I get to watch somebody fucking on there. Yes. So those are, you know, those are I guess okay though to kind of pass the time, especially during the time when there was a lot of quarantine.

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The height of that. And I know I went to club Princeton for their grand opening grand reopening weekend in I think it was July sometime. And that was definitely interesting, you know, a much smaller crowd, of course, than usual, much, much smaller. And at the time that I went, they didn’t even have a lot of the big play rooms open. They had some of the individual play rooms, but they were saying you could only play with like the person you came with and things like that. And I know you I haven’t been really recently. But I know you’ve gone recently. Right, Monique, how has it been there?

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I would say it’s getting much more back to quote unquote, normal. You have to wear a mask when you walk in, but you’re allowed to take it off. As soon as you get checked in. And I ended up having some fun and checking some things off my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to be in the terminal. heard that before? Yes. So what do they call the the mattress room? Is that the maybe Yeah, mattress. So I’ve always wanted to be in there, you know, where people can watch. And so I actually met somebody there. And he dragged me and dragged me like twisted my arm. And we ended up on a mattress in there. And that was a lot of fun. So I would say that’s more normal then. What’s been happening in COVID times?

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Yeah, and just so that all the listeners, of course, don’t think you know that we’re anti maskers going and having huge orgies right now or anything like that, I guess, you know, we should talk about like precautions and things like that right now. I know a lot of people in the lifestyle are not really wanting to meet new people, and they might be playing right now. But only with kind of a limited number of people or a number of people, you know, as a way to kind of manage the risk, and things like that. I mean, you can’t really unfortunately, hand sanitize your way out of playing with other people. And you know, mostly when you’re playing to you don’t want to wear a mask and to play with other people and you’re having sex with them.

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Some people were wearing masks. Oh, really? Yeah, there were people having sex with other people and wearing masks. I found them on the dance floor dancing, and they had masks. I can’t say for sure if they had masks on in the play rooms.

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Interesting. Well, you know, I have heard and you know, I’m not a doctor or anything. So don’t take my word for this. Um, I have heard that COVID-19 is not sexually transmitted. So I guess, you know, as long as you keep your mask on and do it doggy style each other, then yeah, maybe it’s safer.

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They do follow precautions, you know, they took our temperature as we walked in. So you know, I mean, they’re doing what they can to make sure we’re all safe.

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And when we when you went we’re I guess they were obviously had no problem with people playing with other people and everything then to where you weren’t just limited to dancing or playing with the person you came with. That is correct. Well, that’s good. So, since that’s kind of the point, yes. Mm hmm. Yeah. Right. And then how else has it been for you, you know, as a single woman to and the lifestyle and just as a single woman vanilla in Gen two during COVID-19.

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Um, I would say that when COVID first hit, I think everything shut down. Everyone was hesitant. So I do have a friends with benefits that even though everything was shutting down, we were like, okay, but we’ll just still meet. Which was awesome because I was keeping track of it on the calendar. So at least I had him at least a couple times a week. So that was nice. Let’s see. So he also had some business trips up to Wisconsin, and I drove up to Wisconsin. Wow. met him there. Yes. Um, which was, which was nice for me. I love to like listen to books on tape and stuff. So it’s very to swinger podcast.

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It was actually very relaxing for me. So yeah, it was a nice trip. It wasn’t that far. In Wisconsin, it was really nice. But when I got up there, I was so excited to like, I switched my SLS account to Madison, and was all excited to meet new people up there. And by and large, the biggest response was that people weren’t playing because of COVID. They didn’t want to meet new people. So I actually did that twice, once in June, and once in July, and we, I had so many single men that said they wanted to meet and they would meet anytime. But we were specifically looking for another female or another couple to join us. And we couldn’t find that up there.

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Wow, that’s disappointing. Yeah. I wonder is SLS the website to be on up there? Is it something else? I don’t even know. I know, it’s so geographic with these websites. Like even if you live in a specific city in a state or state, like you have to be on different website.

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I agree. I have some friends that are swingers in Oklahoma and I’m blanking on the is it s sdss cc’s. Another one sec. acity. So yeah, bunch there, they recommend that one? So my hunch is, is that that is probably a better one for the Wisconsin area. All next time you go out there.

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And let us know how it works. Yes. Yeah. And I think it’s kind of like that, you know, I haven’t really been trying to meet new people lately. But just based on the messages that I get online to, it seems like it’s really a lot more single men out there right now willing to play and meet new people. Whereas a lot of the couples are really not meeting new people right now and just sticking to their own, like existing social circle. Yes, I agree. Yeah. Which I kind of understand. I mean, I’m not really looking to meet new people right now. And not so much because of COVID. But just veto, because my, you know, my pussy bandwidth is. And you’re probably hear this term, I’m going to use a lot on this podcast. So my pussy bandwidth is only so big. So

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it’s limited. Sorry. I love that term.

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Yeah, and I know a lot of couples, you know, it’s probably been unusual for couples who are used to meeting a lot of new people all the time, and playing with a lot of new people that now they had to only play with each other for a while. You know, I’ve heard of some couples that we know, that didn’t play with, you know, even anybody for months. So that’s really unusual. And then I’ve heard from some of my friends, swinger and vanilla, that who have kids that it’s been a lot harder, of course, to even have sex with their own partner, because their kids are always in the house and always at home. So yeah. Yeah, no thankful through your past that. You luckily don’t have to worry about that. Yes. And then of course, porn has apparently become a lot more popular. If it even could have been. Lately, I looked at you on their blog, they actually have their statistics on four They’re the amount of users on their site and everything, they have a loss those statistics up on their blog, and I looked at that the other day, and they’re just showing that porn usage increase so much, especially during the height of that quarantine period. Um, you know, kind of late May and April, there was so much porn watching going on, it’s crazy. That’s funny,

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I, I do have to say that there were there was a time where, because I do I do live alone, I live downtown. But you know, they have like, put so many stipulations in place for just even walking in the hallway in the apartments, or I have a restaurant connected to my building. And they shut that down almost completely at times. And some of that was from the rioting, they there was a lot of damage done to our building at at one point, and so I can totally understand how people started to really just isolate themselves and feel like, it really wasn’t even safe to go out and meet people. So it makes sense to me that porn would be an alternative way

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that starts getting better. Here. And so do you have any juicy stories about you know, anybody met the past few months or your past couple times at the club? Other than the big mattress room?

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Um, I definitely. So I mentioned there were three zoom weekends, where several of us got on. I swear, the first one was, like, six hours long, like it was so long of just like talking. And we I think we were just all like, it’s just very interesting to all to get us all together. And then to talk about some of the things we were talking about. And then like people were asking, you know, those silly questions or whatever, but it just led to us like just some really sexy talk. And I think by the third one though, there was someone that I had played with before. And so we were all on the zoom call. And then, you know, off to the side, I was texting him. And I said you should come to my apartment. And is this a single

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it was a single guy. And I said you should come and like, you know, walk in and we should start fucking in front of everybody. Like, you know, that would be that sounds like a great time. Yes. And he was up for it. which I love. I love that like spontaneous, adventurous, you know, like, we’ll just like jump in, do something fun like that, and something different. So, yeah, like, he’s like, 20 minutes for me. And yeah, he came over and knocked on my door. And he walked in, and I was like, take off your clothes. And let me say

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that surprise. Everybody on the zoom call was everybody else like, Oh, we thought that guy was just going the bathroom real quick. Yes, yeah.

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Yes. So yeah, we tried to keep it. I mean, obviously, the people that were on there figured out who it was, but you know, yeah, we kept it kept it like wow, that’s fun, spontaneous. So yeah, there is that. I’m trying to think what else Um, there’s just there’s like, some couples, there’s a couple that lives in Dublin. That’s really fun. And we always laugh with when we get together. We’re always like, our lives are so intertwined. Like they’re, they always, like meet somebody and they’re like, Oh, you know, Monique. Or they’ll like, messaged me, and they’re like, hey, do you know this couple or this person or whatever. So it’s a small word. And it’s been nice because like, like you said earlier is that you do have at least a group of friends that you know, and you can kind of trust and get together with and even though we were in this uncertain time with the virus and everything, you know, you felt like you could still get together a little bit and

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yeah, make the best of it. Till this is over. So and I think unfortunately, we’ll still be a while before this is over completely. So we’ll just have to do the best we can and the swinging we’re all here. vaccine. We need to back saying, Well, no, we need people take the back. I’m not doing it for everybody’s like I would vaccine, but I wouldn’t take it. So we’ll see how that goes. Well, next up, we’re going to have adilyn join us. And she recently went on a trip to Las Vegas with the champagne club. And she’s gonna tell us all about that. So stay tuned.

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All right, everyone, I want you to welcome to the open up podcast add Lin, who is in her late 20s. And in the lifestyle here in Ohio, and she recently went on a group trip with the champagne club, shout out to Melissa Eric, to Las Vegas. And for those of you who don’t know yet the champagne club closed down, I guess was it earlier this year?

Unknown Speaker 21:08
Yeah, I guess it was kind of like early summer of this year, they had been fighting a lot of legal battles with a local group trying to keep the area quote unquote safe for their kids. And they had been apparently fighting this battle for years and just said, you know, we can’t, can’t keep it up. So they have decided to do like group trips and hotel takeovers and things and they’re doing a fantastic job. Great. Oh, yeah. So when did you all go to Vegas? So we went the trip was scheduled for early August. And I believe it was like that first full weekend in August. So seventh, eighth, ninth kind of timeframe. And beautiful, like, the weather was perfect. It was not extremely hot, which I understand like Las Vegas can get ridiculously, ridiculously warm. No, it was just just nice enough for some short jean shorts. And, you know, bathing suit tops, and it was a good time. Well, that’s the one thing of good news this year so far.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
And so why did you and your partner Dom decide to go on this trip.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
So um, we had really been feeling the corona blues, it had just really taken its toll on even going out by ourselves. Like, you can’t really go to a bar anymore. You can. It was so hard at the time, you know, everything had was still closed down, really. So I got this email from the champagne club saying, Hey, we’re planning this Vegas trip. And because no one was traveling, the price was just the price was just right. I think it was like for the end, Melissa and Eric had already done all of the math and configuration and airlines and everything for you. So they said, you know, with the hotel they picked and the airline they picked and the dates they picked for two people The trip was still like under $1,000 round round trip. Which Yeah, if you’ve ever gone to Vegas before, you know, it can be like twice that much just to get there basically. So I sent the email to my partner DOM and I was like, Hey, would you be interested in this? And he’s like, that is ridiculously cheap. So I said, Are you interested? And I said, I’m kinda interested. And we we just were like, yeah, let’s, let’s go for it. And, and it was a great time. It was a really fun time. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
So what kind of activities did they have planned for you? I know. You said they had a bunch of group activities going on.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
I think they planned it really, really well, because they had just enough stuff to do. Like I said, as a group. They were probably maybe not quite two dozen of us. I know a lot of couples dropped out last minute. Yeah, there were a time there were about so as soon as you like booked the flight, they had you email Melissa and Eric, the hosts of the of the trip and say, Hey, you know, we booked we’re onboard. And they basically added you to like a private Facebook page. So when we got added to the page, there were like 50 people signed up at that time. But then there was an issue with the original hotel we were so we were supposed to go to the link hotel, which was or still is, I guess kind of a more hip you know, very now sort of place but still not as expensive as some of the, you know, like Caesars Palace or whatever. But they had been shut down and doing renovations during Corona. And they, unbeknownst to us, when we booked the trip, they kept I’m pushing that reopening date out now now. So I guess Molson Eric got the email saying that they were going to be reopening literally the day we were all supposed to get in there. And a lot of people dropped out kind of last minute and got vouchers for that trip, saying, you know, this isn’t really, you know, we don’t want to kind of gamble with this. Use the pun for Las Vegas. Right, right. So, the group eventually turned into 20 or so people I’m going to say, I think there was, there’s two single guys and one single girl and the rest were couples pretty much um, and the single girl was a really good friend of Melissa and Eric’s like the hosts. So most of us were on the same flight flying out of Cincinnati. early early, early in the morning. That was that’s, that was rough. We basically just stayed up all night and drove to Cincy. You know, it’s about two hours from us. So we just drove to Cincinnati, and you know, started started the party early headshots before we left for the airport and everything started Vegas. Exactly. That’s weird. And we’ve played you know, the Viva Las Vegas song and everything. And so we all were pretty much on the same flight. And it was kind of fun when you get to the airport trying to be like, I think, I think they’re probably on our trip with us. Or, you know, you’d see someone wearing. Oh, so you didn’t No, no, no, I mean, we, you had Yeah, like you have the opportunity to meet people in the group. But as we I’m sure we’ve all had happen to us. No. And sometimes people don’t look like their picture. When you’re wearing a mask? Yeah, yeah. Good point. Yeah. Or like those who arrive in the morning at five in the morning? Well, I’m like, to that point, no one was like in makeup or you know, have their hair done or anything else like that. So people looked, we were hiring. I think that that’s that person I’ve been talking to. But anyways, we were on the same flight you got in they, they had a shuttlebus for us to the hotel, which was awesome. I mean, honestly, throughout the trip, I do have to give props to the lesson, Eric, because they really stuck to details of things like they didn’t expect you to get to places by yourself because a lot of us didn’t know the area very well. So they had you know, be at this place at this time. We have a shuttle for you or we have reservations at this at this place at this time if you want to come. So we had so we had brunch that first morning, and that was pretty much it that first day, I guess, because people were slowly arriving and they wanted you to kind of get relaxed in the hotel and everything being during the day. I yeah, after breakfast. I definitely well, and Dom was still he had not taken off that day because he’s been working remotely. So all he did was brought his work laptop with him. And so he actually had meetings. He’s still in meetings. So he was kind of like, you know, I was I was naked in the hotel room drinking and he’s just like on a conference call with people being like, Oh, I was definitely doing that. Just distracting the hell out of him while he was on. He’s like, I hate this so much right now. I shouldn’t be I should be in bed with my girl. Um, but then the two are not two but the kind of bigger events we had were.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
So we arrived on Thursday, we had brunch at Oh, shoot, I wrote down the place it was it’s the French three. It’s the French themed mon ami Gabi is the brunch place. Yes at the Paris hotel. Very good, like very good food. And our waiter was came because we had a private area or waiter came in and was like, so what’s like, What’s going on here? And everyone kind of cyanide each other. Oh, yeah, no, yeah, definitely, definitely that voice. But again, you can’t see if I’m like bending my wrist at a 90 degree angle like this group about and listen properly. And Melissa was were actually a swingers group and he just stared at us and he said, Really? And we’re like yeah, baby we are He’s like, Oh my God, that’s amazing. And when I tell you what we got such good service we got such good service and like he came back so and then you could hear him whispering out in the hall like what these people are here. Um, so that was Thursday and then fry J. Melissa organized a shopping trip for the girl like I used to come to but it was mostly for the girls shopping trip to the outlet mall. That’s their great prices and sales right now. If anything new it’s like any but I got hit. I gotta keep spade bag that was like originally marked like $300 plus for like, barely over 100. So, um, and then the guys at the same time we’re doing a Top Golf trip so that’s where and it was kind of nice that way. You weren’t like attach the hip you know you don’t have to you could mingle a little bit yeah, I love about her

Unknown Speaker 30:24
traps Villa and swinger that, you know, you can each kind of do a little bit your own thing.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
Yeah, um, I mean, there were a couple couples that, like a lot of the husbands came with us to the shopping trip, which again was fine, but I was like, do you really want it? Is this really where you want to be? I think they mostly came though, because I mean, maybe but so the one place in Las Vegas that’s still doing brunch right now is the Wynn hotel. And they came up with this. So the Wynn hotel, I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’d even I’d heard of this. They do like one of the most amazing, gourmet brunches. I mean, I’m talking like crab lobster or crab and lobster Eggs Benedict. I mean, Wagyu beef sliders, you know, just like top of the line. Branch, and they have like a $20, endless Mimosa and Bloody Mary. And as far as expensive as drinks are in Vegas, but it’s definitely worth it. Like I could have gotten, I would have gotten two mimosas for $14 might as well have gotten as many as I wanted for 20. But because of Corona and everything, obviously, they can’t have the food. And people have been lions for buffet. So what they did was you could order you know, you’ve scanned the code with your phone. And you can order three things at a time. And you had a waiter who would just bring them to the table. And you and they were all like little tiny. Yeah, I actually prefer that it was actually really nice. It was actually really nice. And you could get they say order as much as you want, you can get three orders of the same exact thing. They would just only bring three things at a time to you. They were also very attentive with filling those Mimosa cups up because I would take like a sip from mine and someone was swooped down with a fresh one. I was like, Okay, all right. Um, so the went Yeah, we had brunch at the when we all went shopping the eyes to Top Golf. And then we were supposed to go on a like party bus trip on Fremont Street. That still happens, the rest of the group still wins. But those mimosas and I guess, I guess the guys after they went to talk all went to the pool at the at the hotel afterwards. And just, we were not fit. We were not capable of going anywhere that night. But I appreciated that. It wasn’t, you know, we’d already paid for everything. So it wasn’t like they lost out on money. Um, we just, you know, I texted our group and I said, Hey, we’re not gonna be able to make it out. And they were like, okay, feel better in the morning. And it wasn’t like, you missed you missed this type of event that we all went to do together, it was just like, sure these things are scheduled for you to do but if you don’t want to do them, do your own thing, you know, great. Um, and then Saturday, which was the last full day we had there, we went to the pool at the link which was the hotel we were originally supposed to stay at, got to go there to the pool, gorgeous, gorgeous pool, it was really nice because half of the pool is like a shallow end, where you can kind of just lay down your legs and sit up and talk to people. And then the rest of it’s like a traditional pool and they had people bring new drinks and they had cabanas that you could you know kind of buy and set up shop in and it was just really nice. We spent like four or five hours there drinking that people have to wear clothes right? Yeah, I mean I had to wear a bit so actually on that point someone start not in our group this was a separate group but someone got in that Las Vegas spirit and started taking off her like she just kind of opened her top up and you know shimmy and a little bit. But um, I guess someone who saw and did not appreciate her her goods and you know, the the security people had to come and talk to her and things like a yellow thing. Yeah, it was a whole thing. That’s like, but, um, but yeah, so we spent we spent a lot of time there and then we went to now you’ll have to forgive me. I don’t know the name of the club. Because it apparently it’s a private club. It’s invite only the one that we went to in Las Vegas. So listen, Eric, we’re friends of the owner. Okay. Anyway, friends of the owner. She knows the owner. might be the one that’s called like the playroom. Yeah, yeah. Yes. It’s Oh my God, thank you. Okay. Thank you God, with the owners to

Unknown Speaker 35:13
parents friends with the owner. Um, but it was so this was there reopening. They had no they had not done any parties or anything since Corona had shut them down. So this was the first time they were open. And we were pretty much the only people there there was another group of I want to say, Russian mobster, I’m friendly Russian group. I’m going to lay money down that they were some sort of ethnic mobsters, I’m sorry, if that’s because I’m European. I mean, their stereotypes for a reason. And that group, there was probably about six of them, they fit all of those stereotypes down to a tee because there were like two very attractive guys who were, you know, very built. And in kind of tight shirts and tight jeans. There is about three, they were they were, they were really good looking, but that would probably give me some really good. But then then there were like two or three random white dudes who were there with them who were like, what is like, they just had the look of like a kid in a candy factory, like what is this place. And then there were about four or five girls who were just, you know, in their six inch slit heels and they had their fake hair in and fake nails on and fake eyelashes, and they, they kept trying to all dance with each other. Which was very sexy, because they were all gorgeous, even with all of the, you know, applique they had on they were they had great bodies, but they were all trying to dance with each other. And then the two guys would like suddenly kind of turn them towards the white dudes they were with and like, No, no, you’re here to entertain these guys, baby. And their faces looked a lot less happy after those. Anyway, that’s me speculating. If my if I end up like missing or in witness protection, you’ll know that my story was, was accurate. Um, but the club was very, very nice. The the owner’s wife was the bartender. And she she did a fantastic job. The rooms were clean, they’re about they’re about four private rooms, I want to say there wasn’t really a playroom. But the way they had it set up was you could kind of go down a long hallway. And, you know, depending on if the door was open or not just kind of walk it and it wasn’t like a weird crane, your neck kind of room like you could actually kind of walk in and see what was going on stay if you wanted to. Um, I was just I was the decor was really nice. It was very low key and kind of had that smoky old school Las Vegas vibe to it. The very clean and yeah, I mean, I would definitely go back. I heard they were selling though, so I don’t know. I’m hoping this the spot is still there. But, um, but yeah, that’s that was our last night in Vegas. And if, if I had to pick I would probably have wanted it to have been on a Friday because we had again had to get up for a very early flight on Saturday morning. Um, but other than that, like the events for the trip and the you know, the places we went in the timing of everything was not rushed whatsoever. So it was very well organized, I would say.

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Great. Yeah. So speaking of, you know, you got to the good part there at the end. Yeah, that was the good part. So do you have any juicy stories? Oh, my gosh, you know, you and dome or some of the other people who were on the trip. Um, you can change the names.

Unknown Speaker 38:59
I don’t know if it’s, I suppose. I don’t know if it’s juicy, but like, weirdly enough, we actually met so most people were from Indiana, where the Champlain champagne club is kind of centrally located. But we met a great couple who are from like 10 minutes down the road from us. I’m just Quinta. So we were I was at brunch with the woman and the reason I ended up sitting next to her was because everyone else for whatever reason was like, I don’t think I’m going to eat or man that’s like really expensive. And she goes, I’m fucking order everything. And I looked at her and I was like, instant best friends. You know? So I was like, I made sure I sat with her. Um, and then I get a text from DOM and he’s like, yeah, I’m hanging out with this really cool person right now that and turns out he was actually hanging out with her husband. At the exact same moment. I was hanging out with her and and we kind of discovered just through talking. Oh my god. Yeah, that’s, I know exactly what you’re talking about. That’s 20 minutes from us. So she started. She went back to school right after they came back to Vegas. So she’s been kind of busy. We haven’t had a chance to meet up yet, but we’ve been like texting back and forth and everything. And it was just like a crazy coincidence that we went all the way to Las Vegas to find just some like really cool, attractive people literally right down the street from us. Awesome. Yeah.

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