Open Up Podcast Episode 2: BBCs: Myth, Legend, Reality

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Hello, and welcome to open up with liaisons. We a zaanse is an exclusive and boutique membership group that has parties in the Columbus Ohio area. And also travel events. We have one coming up actually in December for Hito. So you can check out our website and Instagram about that. Our website is liaisons events calm, and our Instagram is liaisons underscore o h. And so check those out for our upcoming events, although we’re not planning on doing any other events for the rest of 2020, with the situation that’s going on, other than that hido trip I mentioned, but hopefully in 2021, things will get better. And we’ll be able to do a lot more events again. But in the meantime, sign up for our membership as an official member, even if you’re not coming on the Hito trip, or we don’t have any events coming up in the next couple months, because that will put you on our email list where you can get notified of the upcoming events, and our new podcast episodes and everything like that. So I’m Jennifer last, and I’m the owner of liaisons and one of your co hosts for open up. And I’m here with Monique, who is my other co host here. Hi, everybody. And today in the studio, we also have Bruce Lee with us as our special guest. And he has his own podcast here in Columbus called the always sexy podcast. And he’s been in the lifestyle for over 20 years. And so he has a lot of experience there. And he is a BBC. So Bruce, tell us more about yourself.

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Um, well. I’ve been in a lifestyle for over 20 years. Fortunately for me, I had a very open minded girlfriend. And on my 21st birthday, she took me to a club. The first club that we went to, they slammed the door on our face. Because we weren’t members. It was a good thing though. I appreciate it. they close the door because they didn’t just let anybody in. So I appreciate that. So we had to go back home. And at that time, we had dial up so so we had to go home and search for another place to go. And I went to a place down in Cambridge, Ohio was the first club that I went to. But before we went there, I called them and I told them, you know, our situation, I was like, well, we’re young, and we’re both black. How are y’all gonna receive us at this club and it was like, come down. We’re gonna let you in for free. Don’t worry about it. We don’t get too many black couples down here. Your guys are gonna be a fan favorite. You’ll have a good time I guarantee and we went down here and we did have a good time. It was it was amazing. I loved it. I loved it so much. I loved it so much that I never looked back. Yeah, obviously. Sounds like better service than being a unicorn. At that time, it was Yeah, it was. It was great. jealous. I was cheered on by the men and wanted by the women. So it was it was really really, it was nice. I enjoyed it.

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So obviously the topic of today’s episode is BBC.

Unknown Speaker 3:57
Yeah, when Jennifer last said BBC to me, I was like, Huh, started thinking about my experience. I know you like your BBC. Maybe. You know, but it made me think the first thing I thought of was nicknames, okay, you know, like you, you’re not, you don’t think of your own nickname, right? You’re like, bestowed the nickname. So, you know, part of me is thinking like, how do you get the, you know, the title BBC, like, is this a myth? Like everybody is just BBC

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A is a myth. It’s a myth. And the thing is, I follow the distinction just because people say that, but I don’t consider myself a BBC. I’ve been in the room with BBC. And I’ve played with women who played with guys that are bbcs and it’s like, Here I know that’s not that lane that I’m in because there’s, there’s usually a two to three different inch difference in, like, BBC is like, I’m beyond regular size, but BBC is really big. So a really big is when you get to the 90 and a half 10 inch area, and when you’re a nine and a half 10 inch, that’s a BBC like, in some women enjoy to be filled all the way to nine and a half 10. And if they can be filled those who would like to be filled, they say figured out. I mean, they raise their hands. Yeah, I can take it. I can do it. And I yeah, I. But the beauty of it is that the myth, it’s every man of color is a BBC, so you have to go along with it. Until, you know, sometimes. Sometimes they’d be like, well, you’re not actually a BBC, but you know, you did what you did, and I had a good time. So I’ve also ran into that. And my experience is like, you know, like, literally, a lady actually said, well, when you’re at the BBC party, who told you was a BBC and I’m like, Yeah, I realized, you know, at looking at the layout of the land that, um, two, three inches behind these guys, so I’m not exactly that. But and this is what I’m saying the range starts at nine and a half to 10 on up, because there’s some members did I mean, like, I would say the range start smaller.

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And this is interesting, because you’re talking length. Yeah, what about girth? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:01
And that’s, that’s another thing that people leave out like some people like garf, and like to be filled up. So I most definitely, like there’s like, I so me, I sell toys, and I have all of the you know, I have all of the knowledge now to where I can’t get to the bottom, I got this cop sleeve to get you branches. It’s just like putting on a condom. It literally gives you three inches. If she if if that doesn’t work, if she needs to be filled out within with, they have cock rings that you can stack. And they’re more pleasurable for her. And it also make you not finish. So you, you there’s there’s you learn methods to to accommodate women who need more. I’ve learned those methods because I realized like, I one time I went to a gangbang and it was a BBC gangbang. And there was literally it was, I was like the second guy and I was behind the guy in front of me was like, I want to say like 12 inches. Holy shit. Like she’s not going to like my favorite phrases. A hot dog down the hall. Oh man, I was like, and I’m thinking like she really going. Like, I think should I even go like, what should I do. And then I turn around and look, and it’s all just literally just third legs just all behind me. But I’m here so I’ll go ahead and go with it. This is

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great to hear this because I feel like when I got into the lifestyle, one of the top five questions was do you squirt for me? So I was like Jesus, like, isn’t that important? I

Unknown Speaker 9:03
squirt like

Unknown Speaker 9:06
okay, right. So like, it’s good to hear that you have these, you know, like concerns about like size or ears. She’s gonna you know, cuz I’m doing the same thing. I’m like, Oh my god, like you have to you have

Unknown Speaker 9:17
to have those. You have to have those concerns. And you also have to understand that everybody’s BBC isn’t the same, right? So some people they don’t realize that really good sex is about angles. It’s not about actually what’s your packet? Because in the right angle, you can feel up any woman like, if you start Yeah, you know what you’re doing. You can hit some spots and and if you know where the spots is. For me, I suggest most people, I tell them to use your hand play with it. Find out sticky fingers in there, find out what it is, you know, find, you know, see if you can push, if you can press your fingers all the way down to the bottom, then you good you know, you know how big you are, you know, if you use longer than your fingers, which most people should be, but some people aren’t. But if you log into your fingers, you can put your finger down to the bottom, that’s all you got to go to. So you got to go no further. So for play in a hand, if you use those, you can figure out a lot with a woman. And a lot of people don’t know like, that’s the thing, like they just jumped straight in, in our lifestyle because they’re just looking for instant gratification. So but if you take your time out and you know use your hands and all that fun stuff you most definitely find some good spots. And you know, you don’t have to be a bVc to make a woman feel for feel like not at all. And with the squirting thing. Oh, they got so much stuff now. These pills Oh, yeah. Oh my gosh, they got some pills. Oh my gosh, they swell up your G spa. And it makes your G spot be able to be hit easier. And they make you they really Oh my god. I know how to get you some gym? Yeah, yeah. number one seller at the club. at the club. My number one seller was kangaroo peels. There’s a kangaroo peel for men. And there’s a kangaroo peel for women. And for the women, you take half of it. And what it basically it’s all natural nutrients, it just basically says the blood blood flow, because that’s what you know, that’s what it is for men and for women is the but the blood flow. And it says the blood flow down there to that area and you swell up and it’s easier to hit. It’s just very real simple. So and if you have somebody who’s good with their hands, they can just pull all of it out. It’s just going to be a separate podcast. Yeah, we definitely do. A whole hour on squirt. Yes.

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So I had a lot of fun researching this, because I was like, Okay, I have my own experience. But, you know, everyone has had different experiences, or some people like BBC and seek that out and some don’t. So I started asking some of my life style friends, you know, like, what questions would you ask if you were on this podcast? So let’s see. So an interesting one was? Do you know the concept? This is what the person said to me? Do you know the concept of a grower or a shower? And so you know, if we’re talking about BBC with that, like, do you think that in your experience, and I don’t know, are you a grower shower?

Unknown Speaker 13:03
I’m, I would say I’m a grower. That’s what I would say. Yeah. I’m a gray. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 13:09
So in your experience in the lifestyle have people said like, they love when someone’s a grower versus a shower? Or is there a you know, so

Unknown Speaker 13:19
in my experience, this is the downfall of that I say, there are a lot of women that I have been around that experience with bbcs bbcs, they have it’s the blood flow, and getting that blood flow to that area, it’s kind of hard, so it’ll be big, but it won’t be erect. So they’ll have a half a chub. So they can completely do the damage that they really want. Right. So a lot of times the woman takes responsibility of them only having half a chub not realizing that it has to do with a guy, not them. So it kind of messes up their play. So that’s when I came in perfectly because I didn’t have all what they had, but I had what they had when they was half a chip so and I can go and they couldn’t go so i was i was there you have a place your Oh, I hadn’t. I I used to tell them all the time. Like I’m not a BBC really like I’m, I’m bigger than most, but I am really a good play. Like I take the time out and I figure out you know, gee spots is your server to left right you know, all that stuff. Because all of that matters, like in angles is the thing like angles is the key

Unknown Speaker 14:43
and maybe that’s more important for like the BBC definition is guys who really know what they’re doing. way this 12 inch cock but you know that they know what they’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
12 inches Are the ladies Did you take your dough? I mean, Lady take nine. I’ll be like can I just sit back and watch? Like, oh my gosh, like it doesn’t hurt at all man they really enjoy. Oh you enjoy. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 15:22
I know what always scares me personally when I see a big cock is I’m like, does he really know what to do with that? Or is he just like a pounder being like a nine to 12 inch cock and having a pounder to me is no fun. Like, there’s probably women who like that. But you know, to me like I can only take it if like they’re very gentle. Or in a certain position or in a certain position and yeah, that helps to

Unknown Speaker 15:50
positions. Angles is everything. Yeah, I learned a lot from it company called Liberator and I had these little foldable, soft pillows and they fold up in triangles, and they got a circle when and learned so many things with those pillows. And also swings, swings are the swings are the best thing ever. Did you inexpensive door swing. And a guy can be three to four inches, but he can feel like he’s like eight to nine. If you’re strapped up in a door swing because your legs is pushed all the way back, your cervix is pushed down and it’s up against everything is good. And then it’s the constant the thrust, you know, so yeah, it’s,

Unknown Speaker 16:38
this is the thing that I love about the lifestyle. And we don’t have to talk about that I was married and not in a relationship that we’ve been discussing these things. But I got into the lifestyle. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I can actually talk about what I like, and I don’t like or, you know, like, you can share something that, you know, is new to me. And I’m not like offended by it or like, you know, it’s just I think there’s just more like, I mean, I love the word play because it is it’s like playful, and it’s fun to like, experiment and explore different things. And I mean, that’s what I look forward to when I meet someone new. I’m like, Okay, well, they’re

Unknown Speaker 17:22
going up to quote the name of

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Oh, open. Yeah, that was our, our, our podcast yesterday was about the uncomfortable conversations. And the uncomfortable conversations is basically, you know, the things that most people don’t ask or don’t most people don’t say, but you should say. And then the lifestyle. And one of the things that you should say is talk about size. And if you you know, if you’re okay, with taking eight to 12 inches, and if you’re not okay, taking eight to 12 inches, you know, because there’s literally been scenarios where I’m seeing women just walk out the room like, No, I’m not doing it. That’s way too much like, no.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
So I have some stories, because I feel like I started out. You know, like, Oh, I’m open to anything. I’m like, you know, when people would ask me what kind of a person I’m spontaneous, I love to be in the moment and whatever comes up, and like, now I have a growing list, and you would probably be interested to hear some of the things that are on there. You know, like at the top is like no marks or bruises. I generally I’m not an angel person. Sorry, anyone who’s listening that, you know, is excited about that. But I actually had to say nothing that involves pee or poop, because I had, yeah, there’s a whole story behind that. No children or animals might be reconsidering. Oh, that’s true. I, I did say like, I would be willing to try certain things like I like if I’m meeting someone new, I’m going to just say those things because I don’t want to start off with someone new who’s definitely those things. But someone that I know, well, that would be willing to, you know, like, try some of those things with me. I would, yes.

Unknown Speaker 19:12
So what we were doing or what I was explaining to people on our podcast was having lifestyle goals. And your lifestyle goals can change, and they can grow and evolve as you grow and evolve in the lifestyle. Yeah, so don’t make it as it’s just one thing. And you know, because a lot of people come starting from the lifestyle. They’re like, Oh, well, we can’t kiss and it’s like, well, if you kiss her to turn him on, like if you’re kissing your spouse to turn him on, how do you expect them to get turned on? Yes, like there’s some things or some expectations. When you get in lifestyle people do our say, not realizing it’s going against what you’re there for. Right? So it’s like if you’re there to have a good time you got to be able to have a good time and if you’re into kissing, then You’re going to have to kiss somewhere another myself personally, I don’t kiss though. I don’t kiss in my personal life neither. So I just really. But I can suck the heck out of a pussy. So, so that i right that’s the catch 22 like I’m a master kind of lingers. So with that being said, I don’t have to kiss your top lips like you should bottom lips somewhere totally different.

Unknown Speaker 20:31
Okay, interesting. Yeah, I would say well last episode, I mentioned the bucket list. And I said, I don’t know if I said this here. But um, you know, I had a couple things on my list, and it’s definitely grown over. I’ve been in the lifestyle for almost two years now. I have a rookie, but there are divergent. In some areas, I guess you could call it that, like things I haven’t tried yet. But like, I put things on the list that I didn’t know I was going to experience and put on the list. Like I’ve walked away from like a house party and go going, Oh, my gosh, I had no idea that would happen or could happen. So I think that’s another fun aspect of the lifestyle is like, the unexpected and if the more open you are, you know them so I

Unknown Speaker 21:31
got a question for you. When you’re fishing for your BBC, because you are the the, from what I gather the BBC lady. How

Unknown Speaker 21:42
do you know? My official friends would benefit is not a BBC I’m just didn’t fit that out there. That’s okay. You don’t have to be he just might know some good angle.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
But definitely.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Yes, okay. You’re when you’re fishing in the lifestyle, how and where do you fish because for me, I, I, I experienced someone when I got into lifestyle, it was, I want to say 90% white people. Okay. I’ve never been to all black event yet. And I’ve been in lifestyle for over 20 years, to close up base like 65% on black, but never an all black event. So in the conclusion I came to that more white people are more open sexually, and they’re more inviting. Black men are a little bit more territorial with their women. They we come from a mind frame or that’s ours. And a lot of times you don’t realize that it’s not ours. You can’t own a person. But they put it in your mind. That’s that’s mine, even if they you know, we share the same last name. So how do you go about finding your BB C’s or seeking them out for because I never, you know, I do parties and stuff like that. And I’ve been doing this been doing this for a while I know you’re a rookie. So that’s why I probably haven’t ran into each other at some point in time. But most of those types of the black events I’m typically around the local black events, but not really house parties neither though. Maybe the clubs in which we’ll call it

Unknown Speaker 23:28
I am on one site that is pretty popular here in the Columbus area. So I get a lot of messages that way. Is it in your profile though? Like how No, I don’t even put it in my profile. No.

Unknown Speaker 23:48
Big Booty round that way is like like, like how is that happened? Like how I don’t know how do you turn into the black guy? I’m looking at you I don’t see sex ed teacher and like sexy like barium but normal things that rainbow brothers be like, they usually like the redheads or the blondes big brush. I’m big old fat booty don’t they just like everybody. Everybody know for BBC is if you need to pay attention like that the species are after the thicker girls because the thicker girls are girls who can take the deck. And they’re the ones they invite to dig in. They’re like Yeah, come on, bring it I take all 12 you know women other men’s Yeah. Give me proven like, go do listen. Every time I’ve been majority of the time that I’ve been there’s like some some random Girls fluffy are girls. But that’s what that you know, but not saying that that the thing women don’t enjoy it and no form or fashion. But I’m just saying that’s typically what is in that room, if you go to take a look at one of the parties online like, Oh, yeah, I see what are you talking about now? So somebody that I get, oh, sorry,

Unknown Speaker 25:23
I was just gonna say I get a lot of requests online, you know, to and messages from bbcs. And, you know, well, pretty much all men. So it’s just I figured they’re just, you know, kind of contacting everyone,

Unknown Speaker 25:39
I would say the so the, the, the site that you know, where people can contact me for sure. But one that I had no idea would happen is that as I’ve been in the lifestyle and met people in the area, you know, you start to know, some of the regulars or whenever you want to, like call people in the lifestyle that we get together and we don’t always play, right, like there’s just drinks or dinner or whatever. So something that’s come out of that is what I call the referral.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Okay. That’s true.

Unknown Speaker 26:18
I’ve been in referrals a lot. I’ve literally pass along. Like, I remember playing with a lady. And she said, You got to fuck my girlfriend. That’s great. She’s like, yeah, I’m gonna go get her so you can fuck her because that was great. And I’m just like, Yeah, okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
So, we have, I have friends that we am talking about the the lifestyle community here. There is a couple that used to live in the area, and they moved to Oklahoma. And I went out to visit them. And one of their friends that they had over was BBC, and I don’t he didn’t complain about I wasn’t what would you say fairly thick and fluffy.

Unknown Speaker 27:08
Lack of beauty.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
That’s what the BBC is. Like, that’s what they do. But they do tend to go in that that realm like they,

Unknown Speaker 27:24
you know, and the the same couple were actually discussing going to desire in Cancun in January, and one of their BBC friends that lives in Texas, they want him to come as well. So I’ve been chatting with him. And I don’t know, he didn’t. He didn’t say he was, you know, like, he turned off. roommates down there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
It’s not it’s not it’s not it’s not a it’s not a constant. All of them, but majority of them like, next five years stereotype you go, Jimmy, I’m one of those. I’ll try. Yeah, well, some people just jump in and enjoy a sale. Right. So it seems like you’re one of those. But yeah, I never had that. Let me try. That was great. I’ll do it again. Right. I do tend to do that. Like, I don’t know, I’ve never tried that before. I’ll try it and yeah. So, um, you know, let me let me look at my questions here. Because, you know, I had some friends say they do people ask for specific pictures of you. Um, typically, no, typically, I don’t. For me, I don’t get a lot of pictures, request or anything like that, because I’ve been around a little bit. So a lot of mine is already out there. So referral. Yeah. I actually refer other BBC to people like, hey, go check this guy out. You know, you need those 1012 and that’s what I that’s what I do. I actually have to take a ruler with me. ruler Oh, and it’s like this long and they can’t see that but it’s like 15 inches long. And it has the air also has the bigger thing on it too. So it starts off like but it and it has things behind it. Every single thing is like one source of needle dig and then the other one and it goes up to eventually BBC.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
So okay, so

Unknown Speaker 29:42
there is there is a ruler, but that it’s saying like once you get to this site, you’re officially BBC. Oh, yeah, most definitely. WC or whatever, right? Yeah, whatever. Italian man like if we’re going to Talk about myths.

Unknown Speaker 30:02
I’m gonna be honest with you, there are some there’s some there’s some white guys just hanging like I, I know several I’ve been doing this for a while. People will be like, what do you think about dude ever? Like, what do you mean? Oh, he’s attractive, like, Oh, we got what you need one of those to pump Trump’s and he brings some hammered air like he would represent. So I refer a lot of people, not only not only black people, why do like that you’ll have a good time with them.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
So is there a specific scenario that people are looking for when they contact you? What’s the most frequent scenario that you end up in?

Unknown Speaker 30:44
Mostly, believe it or not, it’s the husbands, the husbands to me. They want to see their wife get with the BBC not not even really wouldn’t BBC, they just want to see her get cloud like shit out of her. So they that most of my interactions have been with the husbands, the husbands will come and they’ll you know, talking to her, Hey, you know, I want you to fuck my wife in in that, to me is like glorious like I I like that. I really I really, really do. That was my next question. I enjoyed it. The top of your fantasy list. I don’t have any more fantasy. Fantasy lives so long, long time ago. But yeah, I I do enjoy. Like that’s one of the things that I like when the guy is confident enough for to come up and ask you to partake in pleasure for his wife. And in the beginning. So in my younger days, I had to actually, a couple asked me, thanks to gaming training, which was great, because he’s like, he’s like, you come into this club. And this is when our local club first opened up. And he’s like, you come in here every weekend. He’s like, and you fuck, like four or five pitches, you just run about a year. And I was like, Okay, do what I’m supposed to do, right? And he’s like, Nah, take your time, chill out, here’s like, my wife wants to play with you. But you do so much that you’re starting to turn her off. And I was like, what, I’m confused. And he was like, let me explain something to you. And he explained to me that if I took my time, and didn’t give myself away, like I was doing, then I would be valued more. And I was valued more when he explained it to me not only by his wife, but by other people and other members in the club, because it was no longer because for me, it was a sure thing. I was very young. I was 25 years old at this time. And I was you know, I would go in this big open area and I’m having a good time. You know, but when he explained it to me, it’s like, yeah, don’t be out there going to private room. And when I went in a private room, you know, my stock rose rapidly, like, now and everybody’s like now just a myth. You know, like, Oh, so at the club. Oh, I say you know, there’s, there’s three of me. There’s me regular old me. That’s Bruce. And then there’s Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee, is the legend. And then there’s my regular regular me, which is what everybody has, you know, the homebody father and all that. Yeah, the guy. Exactly. So, but the Bruce Lee is that’s the legend. Like, it’s, it’s, it’s, yeah. And I sometimes explain that to people to like, Hey, you, you want the legend you want him and I’m not trying to be him right now. I’m because I worked at the club. And when you work at the club, you can’t play. If you work in and they’re paying you. You can’t have sex because technically, that’s prostitution. So I worked so much because I was one of the managers of the club that I would have to tell people all the time like I can’t play I can’t you know, I understand I desire you the same way but I can’t do it because the club could get shut down. Right? So

Unknown Speaker 34:20
so when you said the word legend, it made me think of legendary experiences. So you know when you’re sitting around drinking beer talking to your friends, like is there like an experience that you’re like that top

Unknown Speaker 34:36
them all? Huh? Top them all experience? I would say probably like the first time that I took on like four girls Oh, just yourself just me all by myself. Yeah. The first time I took on four girls, and I was successful I I was like, I’m gonna lump all of them. I might have all of them wore out, you know, sitting over there drinking water. Didn’t realize Read it. Yeah. And I don’t drink so I don’t drink it, I don’t smoke. I sex was my extracurricular activity. So I got really, really good at it. And I studied it in all that fun stuff. So I learned how to, you know, be be very great with my hands in my mouth and my penis. And when you’re taking on four girls, you have to be great fingers. Like that. It’s getting hot in here.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
One of our listeners asked, just sighs play a role in your confidence in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 35:44
For me, no, because I’m not small. So I, for me know, personally, no, but I know when I even know when I’m with a woman and I can’t, I can’t fill her up. So I know angles. So I know, you know, if I can’t fill her up, then I got to put her in this angle, that angle, you know, just so she can, you know, be pleasure still because i a lot of people in the lifestyle, they have sex to play myself. And for me, I want to pleasure the woman. My goal is to make women have an experience that they did not have with their spouse and enjoy yourself. That’s what my goal is.

Unknown Speaker 36:29
I had someone asked me recently, what my favorite position was, and Okay, there’s I have two two thoughts coming into my head right now. There was this meme from some woman and I wish it would have saved it because it was amazing. Because she was she said like, like, you know, why do we have to pick one size cock, you know, because different size cogs are good for different things. And she listed a bunch and I was just like, That’s my girl right there. Like that’s true. But I did have someone asked me what my favorite position was in my my, the first thing out of my mouth was 69. Like, that’s not a sex position. That’s oral. And I’m like, that’s the best. I was like, I think I still think I’m gonna stick with that.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
I think of it as I think it is for me always be like, let’s see who can make the person come first. Yeah, so let’s race. Yeah. You know?

Unknown Speaker 37:27
Well, I mean, I was still a little, like, shy and not super confident when I first got into the lifestyle and the first time some guy asked me to sit on his face. I was like, What do you want me to one? And now we laugh about it because he was like you did this like little dainty squat over my face.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
And now he’s like,

Unknown Speaker 38:05
I have scored once or twice so I just don’t feel like I can say I’m a squirter you know, because I like I, I don’t know, I’ve had my like, what do I want to say about it? Like, I was kind of like, you know, irritated about it. At first when people would ask me I was like, You know what, they’re done. I’m like, if they’re gonna ask me if I’m a squirter, you know, that’s what’s important to them. And then and then I was like, it’s like a, like a party trick. That’s what I called it a party trick because I saw a woman on a kitchen counter and she was like, a freaking fountain. Like, I did cover my wine because it was like,

Unknown Speaker 38:47
there been there was a lady could squirt to the ceiling, on the bed. at the club. She said it all the time. Straight stream like, Damn, I mean, I don’t know. So it was like, for guys, I don’t know if you’ve had this conversation. But for us, this is reason why they asked that. It’s gratification because it’s a form of orgasm. So we feel like, we know that you’re getting off and you can’t cheat. We’re not right, there’s no lying to if you swear to it or not, because the bed is with their hand is wet. There’s a myth too.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
I mean, I’ve done research on this because I wasn’t squirting. So I was like, I gotta figure this out. And it’s not like you don’t necessarily orgasm.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
No, you don’t. You do not. And see, that’s what a lot of people don’t realize. But the orgasm comes after though. It’s a it’s not an internal, it’s like an external like a body orgasm. And that’s what they’re, you know, but a lot of people don’t know that like now we’re deep in the woods. of sexual pleasure talking about sex. I’m not even talking about that anymore. Is there anything you want to say about BBC? Um, it’s, it can be a good time for most women it’s for, for the clubs that I’ve went to the biggest nights. And the most people that come out this for BBC the events very popular. Yeah, the events like the entire time. Like there’s another smaller club local club that the BBC night kept their club open for you. Because they would have 200 people in this club, just because of that night. Where have I been like that? It’s because again, it’s the husbands bringing their wives to be pleasured. And a former fashioned. I can’t even say that they can’t. I’m pleased them. But is this what they also desire? So the other thing that a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of men like watching their women have sex with men of color. Alright,

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