Open Up Podcast Episode 3: The XY Factor

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Welcome to open up with liaison liaisons is an exclusive and boutique lifestyle group in the Columbus Ohio area. And open up podcast here we talk about swinging and other aspects of lifestyle. I’m Jennifer last and as usual, I’m here with my co host, Monique. Hello. And we are joined remotely by two very special guests. Tonight a very fun couple, Mrs. Y and Mr. X. And Monique has kind of a funny story about when she first met them, which is I think the first night that I met them as well at a house party at big dick Dave’s half are also known as V dd.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
Yes, so I’m still fairly new to the lifestyle and I was invited to a house party and I’m so excited. And Big Dig Dave invited me to this party. And there were many people, I was hanging out in the kitchen minding my own business, mingling with some people, I was kind of standing off to the side by the kitchen table just watching as people were walking in, and, you know, all of a sudden, I look over by the kitchen island and there’s big dictator completely naked. Of course, he does this all the time, limp. And though I I’m thinking No, because I was I was like, oh God, like what is gonna happen now? And so I’m, I’m just trying to watch casually no one else seemed to be like, you know, shocked at this. You know, so I’m continuing to talk to you who I’m talking to. And then I look over. And there is Mr. X in his glory. completely naked standing with day. big dick Dave in the kitchen, and I’m, I’m scared. And you know, unfortunately, that night, I decided not to come over and introduce myself because I was afraid. And I had no idea what or how to utilize the appendages that you have. So with that. Do you remember that evening?

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I think it’s interesting that that’s over a year now. Sorry about that. That’s what I find it I’m blushing. Oh, wow. Thank you. I think I think one of the one of the most disappointing things about that was two things. One is that you didn’t come over to say hi. Well, or that I didn’t come over to say hi either. And then the second thing is we actually didn’t play because Mrs. Why? That is I think I think she goes to parties with me for that moment. She goes to parties with me for the moment when you know I interact will say interact for lack of a better term with with someone who’s never been with somebody, you know, my stature. And then we’ll say the word stature. Tonight, I’m sure it’ll get more or less PG is. But you know that that initial reaction, I think is what she goes to, you know, I wouldn’t say the only reason she goes to parties because obviously, again, as this conversation goes on, you’ll you’ll find that she goes pretty swim with that. But yeah, so those are the two things I was I was

Unknown Speaker 4:26
like to introduce women to my husband. I like to introduce them, because it’s usually pretty entertaining for me. A little nervous at first, but once it goes out it’s all good. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
So I know you to listen to the last podcast episode we had about BB C’s and I know you had some thoughts on that Mr. X being a BBC

Unknown Speaker 4:52
for Mr. X starts I don’t think people on the podcast yet know that we are an interracial couple So that’s probably a good point, probably make a good point, you know, he’s he is black, I am white. So there you go, now you can talk about BBC.

Unknown Speaker 5:11
So, after listening to the last podcast and you know, again, amazing, amazing, you know, podcasts, amazing discussions, you know, I really enjoyed how, you know, you and your guests interacted, you know, I get I tell you, I was listening on my way to work and I literally sat in parking. So if I lose my job, I’m coming to work for XRP. for last, but, but but, you know, obviously, the conversation was about bbcs. And, and the misconceptions and the stereotypes and, you know, all that. And, you know, and one of the things that stood out for me, is, you know, first I really don’t consider myself a BBC. I guess I just call all black men with what I do. Exactly. You know, your stuff is about everyone is above a certain number of inches or BBC,

Unknown Speaker 6:17
but it really seems like a lot of black men, you know, don’t, with big Cox don’t consider themselves to be you know, because,

Unknown Speaker 6:26
again, you know, if I’m in a room with a bunch of other guys who are the same colors, me same stature as me, chances are I my shit automatically becomes average. So what I’m saying, right, so you’re no longer the biggest dude in the legend. So, you know, most of us wouldn’t necessarily consider ourselves, BBC. And then the other side of that is, you know, I think there’s a certain attitude that that’s expected from a BBC, because a certain type of aggression or certain type of assertiveness, or a certain type of, you know, barbarism, for lack of a better term that is expected from a BBC. And, you know, again, anybody who’s met me knows, I’m like the gentlest giant you’ll ever meet. Yes. Right. So I’m not going to, you know, like, for example, my wife has a fantasy of being choked, at least slightly poked during sex. I would never do it. I’ll do it. Do you get other guys to do that? I’ll do it.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Just because you know, I’m not leave March or 280,000. Pretty strong. The last thing I want is to be calling 911. Because I had my hand on my wife’s name. She wouldn’t go well, with the, you know, the black guy on the white lady’s neck. Not gonna go over well, so. Yeah, so again, you know, yeah, so I get the concept and understand, you know, the whole concept of PVC. But I think, for a lot of us, believe it or not, because this is conversations that I’ve had with, you know, guys in the lifestyle who look like me, for quite a lot of us, you know, we don’t consider ourselves

Unknown Speaker 8:23
and truthfully for a for a lot of white women who have that fantasy of being with a black guy or being with a black eye with a really big, thick, that’s what they’re looking for, they’re looking for that aggression, they’re looking for that that I’m gonna take charge and manhandle you, because my dick is so big, and it’s and that’s a personality, you can have a white guy with a big dick and have that same personality. So yeah. No, no. More of the gentle side. Yeah, he’s also Anyway, um, but it’s just it’s that that fantasy kind of thing they want to play out because they see the dirty porns they see the, you know, back in the day videos and whatnot. And really, it’s not all most most black men are not like that. Mm hmm. Like, it’s just normal sex. It’s like normal. Like, if you want to live a fantasy, you’re looking for a dog.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
Yeah, it’s interesting, because I think as a white woman, I don’t really think of that connotation of aggressiveness with pvcs. But in talking to a lot of bbcs It seems that they do. So or, you know, non vvcc.

Unknown Speaker 9:50
And don’t get me wrong, you know, there are other parts to it, right? There’s a visual. Yeah, that’s what I like. I like to see color contrast, I like to see my black skin against, not so black skin and you know that working in unison, you know, like, for example, again, I’m one of those few men who applaud joggers do a huge thing for, right? Good for me watching getting a real job, you know, as a black guy, you know, from, you know, the skin difference then, as a huge, that’s a huge turnoff. Right? So there are other things associated with, you know, the fantasy that doesn’t involve, you know, the aggression, you know, I’m going to blow your back out. thing that? Yes. Yeah. You know, I remember at one of the big news parties, and I think that’s all I told you about this one, you know, the one lady that came over to me, we’re all standing in the master bedroom. And I think another BBC was at a party, one of the guys we all know very well, no. I didn’t want to come. And, you know, he was on the bed doing this thing he was he was putting in work, right? And this one of the lady comes over to me, and she says, you know, I’ve never been with a black guy. You know, and instantly I was turned off. Because for me, it was, well, do you want to have sex with me? Because I’m a guy. You want to sex with me? or doing a fuck me? Just because I’m a black guy.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
I’m not interested. And

Unknown Speaker 11:40
you’re one of the black guys in the room at the time.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Yeah, so I turned to her and I go, you know what, that makes two of us because neither have I. And I turned away and walk away. You know, that is, you know, that’s on a resume and want to fuck me. We’re not fucking Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 11:56
well, and the other thing too, is interested in black about BBC is and in general, that there’s also this stereotype that they think they only want one type of correct. They want a very round and voluptuous, voluptuous. He also talked about that on the it’s an automatic thing. And, you know, I am six foot tall, but I am not one of those women. Um, so it’s not, again, it’s, there’s so many stereotypes put around a BBC or a black eye in general that just don’t hold to be true. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
Yeah. Interesting. So how long have you been in the lifestyle? And how did you get into it? Oh, I can’t wait. I know Mr. X kind of was in a before you. got you into it. Right.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
So we have been together dating for seven years married for three or 434. Married for four. To remember, the guy that that messes up with that.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Married for more, but I will let him start with the story of how we got into it.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
So we actually worked for the same company. And when I met her, I was single for a little while, about a year or so. And, but I had been in the lifestyle. I’ve been in the lifestyle, you know, previous relationships as a single guy. You know, I worked at resorts in the Caribbean for years. And entertainment. So you know, I’ve been exposed to the lifestyle. Plus, you know, I think from birth, I knew that monogamy was bullshit. Yes. Oh, you know, I, the minute I started working, you know, in hospitality. And, you know, I think it’s funny because because I was I was approached at a resort I was working at by a husband that said, you know, my wife wants to fuck you. And again, I was a 19 year old boy and resort. Are you kidding? Like this? This is okay. Like, you guys are planning to mug me right as he says it. Yeah. But you know, did it had a blast, and it was downhill from there uphill. But, so, you know, I was we’re in a conference in Dallas. And she walks into the room, and the minute she walks into the room, in my mind, I’m like, I’m in Dallas for a week. I’m hitting that like it’s happened in a week. But she blew me off the whole damn, we just wouldn’t know. Yeah. happened. It wasn’t happening. And so that Dallas came back to the east coast. And then about four months later, I had to go back to the city that she was living in. for work, you know reached out to her Hey, I’m gonna be in town. Same thing for a whole week. Wow. And then you are persistent. Yeah. Because my No, no, my ego is getting a little challenged, right? Because I’m like, okay, doesn’t alter this, like, seriously kind of thing. And so the last night I was in town, I called her up and I became the angry black guy. That aggressive black guy on with this bullshit, you’re meeting up, we’re going out. So went out for drinks, one of the one thing led to another, we ended up sleeping together, whatever. And we’ll have to come back to the east coast.

Unknown Speaker 15:40
Like the best part. I’m trying to get get to life. All right. Oh, no, apart. Yeah, getting up with the vanilla part. You know, john, he didn’t think I was gay gentlemen.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
How much he thought I was getting. Well, guys who doesn’t want to sleep with us? So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
So we, so we’re in a, you know, fucking Finally, and, you know, spend the last night together, I came back to the east coast. And then at that time, had a group of friends that we would go to hedonism every year or October. And so I called her up, you know, by now, we were talking every now and again, you know, and I said, Hey, you know, going on a trip to Jamaica, would you like to go? And she’s like, never been to Jamaica, you know, once you got there. So I said, you know, yeah, I have a couple of friends that I go down with Baba, but she’s like, I’d love to go. So I said, Hold on. Before you say yes. Essential link to the resort, we’re going to stay at Oh, one. So I sent her the link. And literally 30 seconds later, she calls me she’s like I’m in Hold on. What was going on in your head though,

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I didn’t even know what hedonism was. I didn’t even know what the lifestyle was. I didn’t know what any of this was. But I saw immediately on their website, you’re going to run around naked. Like I was in like it, I get to be naked for no reason at all I am in. Alright,

Unknown Speaker 17:23
so then I go, hold on, I need to let you a little little know a little bit more. You know, it’s not just a resort. It’s how I live my life. And you know, and I want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting into.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
That’s so important. And we actually plan on having like a whole episode about that soon.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
So you know, I started talking to her about a little bit. And then I stopped myself because this was, again, this was getting closer to October and we I have a bunch of friends in New York on Long Island that throw this amazing Halloween party lifestyle party. So I said to her, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll fly to New York for a weekend. We’re going to go to my friend’s Halloween party, you’ll see what goes on in this party. And then if this works, you understand understand the hedonism is about 30 times. She’s like, Alright, cool. So pick the flow, Florida, JFK picked her up at the airport. And, you know, drove to the hotel close of the party got changed, went to the party in our costumes, walked in, introduced her to my friends. And again, this was probably the second or third time we’re hanging out together. So second or third time we’re hanging out together. introduce her to my friends. 15 minutes later, she’s the first person naked in the house. Like I’m married this one. Yep. 15 minutes Sara naked in the house. I don’t know about 45 minutes later, she was blowing up either costume. Well, I thought you didn’t even need a costume. No, no, no. I met the owner of the house. And she told me I could get naked whenever I wanted. I’m like really done to make it. Nice. And then maybe 20 minutes after that, you know, she was blowing one of the guys are probably one of the guys eating out his wife or some shit. Natural. Yeah, I love it. Yeah. And I was married to this one. So that’s how I ended up in the lifestyle. And then after that, you know, we had the conversation. You know, it was, Hey, you know, this is this is how I live my life. You know, monogamy is not for me. You know, there’s way too many beautiful people out there. You know, I don’t want to be solely responsible for every orgasm you have for the rest of your life. You know, my thing. And then we just started exploring, you know, we made some amazing friends. We’ve gone on some amazing trips we’ve were doesn’t join this right.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
And we’re one of those couples now and I mean, it took us Time to get there too that that we don’t have boundaries really right. Like we, we as long as like there’s 100% honesty and you tell us like, there’s no problems at all, like he can go on a boy’s trip to Hito for all I care.

Unknown Speaker 20:16
Since I was gonna ask you, you already got there. Yeah, you know, what were your boundaries and rules and it doesn’t sound like you have any other than honesty, which, you know, is a big part of the lifestyle. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s

Unknown Speaker 20:31
things that we’re what we like, like, for instance, I love playing in the same room as him. But that’s because we told you earlier on Monday, my thing is, you know, Washington girl experience it for the first time kind of thing, and it’s a turn on for me, but in general, like, you know, just watching your other partner have fun, like it’s hot. Like, let’s be real. It’s watching porn with your favorite.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
Sorry. And that’s always that’s all we see is you know, cuz I we both like to watch porn. So what’s what’s better than your favorite person being the star of that porno flick? Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:08
it’s awesome. But I mean, as for, you know, if, again, we both travel a lot for work. So if something were to happen, we understand that, you know, go have fun, go do your thing. Because I’m still coming home to him, and he’s still coming home to me.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
So with that said, Do you have like a favorite, like scenario or thing that you like to do together? Or that you look for when you’re going to a party besides just that you want to see Mr. X with someone who I absolutely love to get everybody make it at the party?

Unknown Speaker 21:50
Yes, and I can attest that you are very good at.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
So I like to be an instigator. Um, I think actually the first big dickface party, and we went to Monique that you might be Mr. X and Jennifer. We have David. were some of the first few naked but I believe I got every other woman in there naked. That would allow me. Wow, dress everybody. The second party we went to I’m pretty sure I had everybody fucking like by nine. We were talking Viola. You’re like, I gotta get to bed. Like it’s that time. Let’s

Unknown Speaker 22:29
go. That’s awesome. Well, now that I’ve been in the lifestyle a little longer, and I understand the game when you’re there, I’ll play.

Unknown Speaker 22:40
There you go. When’s the next party is? Now one of the things that we like about about the lifestyle. One of the things that we like about how, how open we are, because different couples have different rules, right? There’s different couples. We like the fact that we don’t have to play with a couple. Because you know, one of the things that happens in this lifestyle a lot is it’s very, very hard. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s very, very hard for two couples for people to find mutual attraction. Oh my god. Yes. Right. And so what happens a lot in this lifestyle is there’s always one partner who’s who’s jumping on the grenade or taking one for the team. Yeah, we don’t do that. We’re not we’re not I’m not taking one for the team. You know, we’ve done that once. I’ve done that once and it’s never gonna happen again. I’m never gonna happen again. But we like it. We can go to a party. And if I find a lady, a woman that or lady that I’m attracted to, she’s not attracted to the husband, she can just wander off. Great enough feel like oh, shoot, I’m gonna live here and let this guy eat me out or go down on me or fuck me because my husband is talking to his wife.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
Yeah, no, I really like that too. Because it is so hard with couples so that’s why I know personally, I end up where we end up with, you know, a lot of single men because it’s hard to find those couples. Yeah, where you have a connection with between everybody, correct?

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Yeah, I mean, and especially the added dynamic of interracial people automatically think I want to sleep with black men, which I could care less. You know, what color your skin is, um, and people think that he automatically wants you know, white women are so tall girl or something when truth be told. I’m the first person over five five that he’s ever dated. Like seriously, um, so the assumptions that come around with with To us, it’s just it’s, it’s easier just to be like, what else?

Unknown Speaker 25:04
Because you know, it’s optics, right? You know, again, it’s easy to believe what you see. Right? So if Bobby was walking through a room, you know, we’re a couple, it’s not like we’re just fucking You know, we’ve been married. So automatically, most people will think, alright, she’s with a big black dude. You know, I’m a white guy, I’m gonna I’m gonna approach are.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
We are some, you know, white women who are married to black guys who perfect guys are only one black guy. So I guess yeah, we just all have to talk about it. And

Unknown Speaker 25:39
it comes back to communication, right? You know, or just talking it out. When we, well, this is before us. But you know, when I when I lived on the East Coast, you know, as a single guy, I used to go to this other groups parties, and they would have what is called SLS School of swing, that was like an hour before the party started. That’s nice. If you’re invited to a party, or you paid your money to go party, if you miss SLS, they don’t let you in. So if the party starts at eight, so as eight or nine, so everybody keeps their clothes on and whatnot, between eight o’clock and nine o’clock. And you sit around in the room, and everybody talks about like this, like kind of what we’re talking about right now. So that everybody in the party kind of understands, you know, like, if my wife and I were there, you know, we would talk about that when we talk about Hey, because my wife is white doesn’t mean I’m only attracted to white women. You know, so there’s a there’s a black woman or an Indian woman, whatever in the room, she can automatically feel a little bit more comfortable. That all right, approaching you. Yeah, they can approach this guy and not feel like hey, I don’t look like you know, who he walked in here with so we can still play. And then I think that was that was pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
So you may have heard from another episode, the bucket list?

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Yes. Yes. I’ve always wanted to know what that meant. Miss Miss thing. bucket list. I like that term. Yeah, I do.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
So instead of a bucket list, you know, like I want to go skydiving you have what you want to do in the lifestyle. So right. Would you say that you have fulfilled a lot of fuckit list if you had one? What’s on your? Or do you have more things that you were put on?

Unknown Speaker 27:45
here to share? Well, this, this is an audio podcast, so you can’t just nod your head? Best facial expressions. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 27:58
Yes, I do have a fantasy that my husband will not fulfill for me. Um, so you know, we can create a list of people that might be willing to, I want to do dp. I’ve never done dp. I love both. I love everything about holes. But um, it takes a lot of trust to have a no until like, we haven’t met somebody that that I trust enough to do that along with somebody else that’s willing to be that close to a man because some men have issues being that close their genitals together. Um, so that’s on my bucket list. bucket list. bucket list.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Yeah. So have you so have you done anal at all? Oh my god. Yeah. I love it. It’s just not the DP.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
Just not the DP? Correct. Correct. I played well before my husband. Picture. What was that? Oh, he

Unknown Speaker 28:56
won’t do the choking either. No, he wants to the choking the other things. No, I’ll do I’ll definitely do No, I mean, no, it was awesome. Yeah, but I am the one that took her a military Yeah. Wow. She was my first experience

Unknown Speaker 29:13
I had other the other bucket list. I have always been curious about like bondage and stuff like that. Not sure if I can relinquish all the control in my world. But

Unknown Speaker 29:30
along with the joking we’re gonna start slow with it. I always say like, you know, like tie one arm to the bread and that way you have the other arm so if you get I got to ask him if I need to in the head like, yeah, or you know, cuz so you’re tied with one arm and then you can hold on to the other arm so that if you know it feels like you’re restrained yet if you need to. That’s a really good idea. You want to We can talk about that after the podcast. Um, I do like, this is a whole nother podcast, but like I can’t You can’t like take away my vision game and do my arm and my ball. gags Yes. Like, maybe one or two of those, but not all of them at once.

Unknown Speaker 30:24
Not everything. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Right. Yeah. So yeah. Next to those on your bucket list. Awesome. I said, you can write my name next to those on your fucking we’ll do it to me. Yeah. Okay, right. Here you go.

Unknown Speaker 30:47
And this is why I know you’re bi curious. How would I find yourself? Definitely.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
So I say buy curious. And I’m not by any means curious anymore. I always find that interesting. That term, but the only reason I leave it on my profile for like, the SLS website, and whatever we sign up for I always put by curious, because there’s an I’ve noticed that there’s somewhat of an automatic assumption, if you’re by you’re just gonna play with every girl, or you want to play with every girl, or play. But it’s just like, it’s just like an attraction to a man like you have to be attracted to the other individual. Or you would be open to let any girl play with you. And that’s, that’s so I always put vicarious just on the websites to to deter if needed. Yeah, it does. To a certain extent, however I am by I like it all. I’m pretty good with a strap onto? Oh, yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
You know, yeah, one of the other things that, that these assumptions, triggers as well, as you know, with our vanilla friends, you know, obviously, not all of our vanilla friends know that we’re in the lifestyle but the ones that do you know, we do have friends that we confide in that we consider good friends. We have found that we’ve we’ve we’ve lost a few friendships over the years, once they find out that way, the lifestyle, but one of two reasons. One of two reasons. It’s either you guys have been in the lifestyle but you’ve never tried to seduce us.

Unknown Speaker 32:35
Or they think they are they think you’re going to seduce them.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Exactly. Or Yeah, I can’t fuck around with you guys. Because you got you guys are gonna want to try and fuck us. Wow. Yeah, it’s always one of those too. I mean, we’ve had a few friends who were like, Hey, man, listen, completely get a project. That’s your thing. But that’s not our thing. But we can still be friends. But, but a good majority. It’s either your you know, why didn’t you seduce us? Or we don’t want to seduce us and like, we’re just because your friends, you know, that kind of thing. That’s what’s on your bucket list. I think our x, I think my bucket list is more. It’s more location than it is. Oh, x. And I think I’ve kind of done it all. Are you sure? I mean, you know, again, if we’re going to talk about that, you know, topic of race. I mean, I’ve been in this lifestyle. I mean, when I started out in the slides again, I remember going to hedonism, I was literally the only black guy in the whole resort except for the people that were there. Wow. And that’s in Jamaica, Jamaica. I remember going I was 1920 years old. So I’m talking 1992 where, you know, swinging was in a black movie. I mean, um, or, you know, I remember when I moved to New York, and I would go to trapeze, and you’re literally the only I mean, it had its perks. Don’t get me wrong. Like what, you know, the last thing I was talking about on the last podcast, yeah. As you know, it has its perks people, people want to play with you and people want to but so So the short answer is I my fucking list is more of a places to have sex. Okay, you know, like those places. I would love to be fucking, like, on the back of on top of a jumbotron at the back of a political rally.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
The President, whoever the keynote speaker is up front talking and everybody’s rah rah rah and I’m in the back fucking the shit out of me. And everybody’s looking back like, Whoa, we’re voting for that. You know, so for me, it’s more of a not what I haven’t done, but where I haven’t done it. Nice. was another one. I want to know more.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Clearly, you’re not talking about this enough.

Unknown Speaker 35:26
Um, again, it’s it’s kind of is this weird places, it’s many public places. You know? It’s kind of weird. I don’t want to go off on this tangent because, you know, kind of takes away from the lifestyle. But I’m freezing rain on the hood of your truck with the engine running. So the hood is nice and hot From now on, you know?

Unknown Speaker 35:53
Well, I don’t like to be cold. So ladies, I am recruiting for that fantasy. Yes, that would be a good idea. I don’t like to be called the person saying that.

Unknown Speaker 36:05
And I guess it gets boring when you know. You’re talking to somebody who’s

Unknown Speaker 36:10
done it all.

Unknown Speaker 36:11
Beautiful Hall.

Unknown Speaker 36:14
That’s close get paid. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 36:19
embrace bloodiness here. It’s all about. So what’s your best lifestyle experience

Unknown Speaker 36:27
as well? Did you take that one? Really? Yeah. My our best? Well, as a couple as a couple is our Connecticut, Connecticut couple. Our Connecticut, they’re actually they’re actually some of our good friends. Connecticut loves. Yeah. So it’s, it’s you know, we’re talking about, you hardly ever find a one couple. We’re all for the Connect. Mm hmm. We were fortunate to find that

Unknown Speaker 36:54
we found that one and one of the first times we played two, I think it was the second time we played we found that Yeah, we’re at a party. Um, she loves to dance and has the hips that can dance. Like I’ve interviewed those hips, they can that was a goof, which works for me and tried to teach me how to dance. Because he can dance as well. But just the play atmosphere herlin I him and I Mr. X and and her, him and her heard him heard her all the all the things, you know, we had those great evening. And then turns out we lost contact with them. Because we were living in Massachusetts at the time, and the party was in New York. And so a few years went by, and we moved to Connecticut, and they happen to be in Connecticut. And we’ve randomly saw their profile on SLS. Nice. And so we messaged them, and we’re like, oh my gosh, you know, finally we live 45 minutes from you now, like, we need to meet up. Literally the moment we met back up, it was like no time had passed whatsoever. There’s some of our good friends to this day. But there’s just chemistry between all individuals. And by far the best ever. Um, she’s by. So it works perfectly. Her and I are great. And the best part is, is that my husband and her they get to talk about all the fun intellectual stuff. I sit there and talk about Marvel, because we’re dorks. And it’s just so much fun. We have literally fallen off the bed, having sex and just sat there laughed for an hour. Wow. That’s great that you found that? Yeah. But now we’re in Ohio. So we’re working on another couple of days

Unknown Speaker 38:58
trying to find we’re trying to find it’s like, you know, chasing that that that original high? You know, so we’ll see. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 39:07
I’m sure you still get to see them every so often if you still keep in touch though. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 39:13
still Santos definitely. You know, but again, we’re talking, especially with the current. And

Unknown Speaker 39:21
we’re people from Ohio are probably not allowed in Connecticut. Exactly. Were the outcasts. I mean, and the good thing is,

Unknown Speaker 39:28
is they have similar similar boundaries as us. So if only one can travel at the time, then one comes down and visit us and vice versa. Like, when I go to Connecticut for work, I’ll hang out with them. And you know, it’s fun.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
Yeah. So So it’s interesting that our best story for the lifestyle, you know, doesn’t really, it’s not really, you know, I guess another copper or the person we’re talking about. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. You know, so yeah, well, we were a little bit more We’re a little bit boring when it comes to you know, but but again, you know for us

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