Liaisons was founded by women who wanted to revolutionize lifestyle events and travel in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Each upscale event is meticulously planned to ensure that every guest enjoys a night filled with erotic entertainment.  We carefully screen each applicant to ensure a high level of sexy sophistication.  ‘A boutique lifestyle experience’ is not just a tagline, it’s our guarantee.  Liaisons’ primary goal is to allow all of their guests a safe and discrete place to revel in their sexuality.    

Jennifer Lust has been in the lifestyle for several years and has experienced events from lifestyle clubs to hotel parties to lifestyle resorts such as Desire (which she highly recommends).  She found she kept running into the same problem wherever she went – a deficit of attractive and stimulating people with whom she and her partner could spend their free time with.

New to the lifestyle or curious?  Check out our podcast to learn more.